Vented vs Vent-free Fireplaces


What is a “Vent-Free” gas fireplace?

“Vent-free” fireplace systems are designed for maximum efficiency and require no flue. Highly efficient burners provide clean heat directly to your home and will not produce harmful levels of unburnt combustion byproducts. All vent-free fireplaces are AGA/CSA approved and equipped with an ODS or oxygen depletion sensor. These require sufficient combustion air and should be located to areas spacious enough as not to become too warm.


What is a "Direct Vent" fireplace?

Direct vents are high efficiency, sealed gas fireplace systems. Fresh air is pulled from the exterior of the house via the flue and burned within the confines of the combustion chamber. Byproducts of combustion are isolated from the home as they exit to the outside. These fireplaces can be vented horizontally (to an outside wall) or vertically (at the roof) and will minimize heat loss through the chimney--yielding an average 70% efficiency through dry convection and radiant heat.